Website or Social Media?

Can a website and social media can work in tandem with each other? As someone starting out on the creation of a new website or enhancing a site you already have, you will at some point ask the question: Should I just have a website or social media or both?

Mobile Phone with Website or Social Media symbolsWhen we talk about social media we speak of Facebook / YouTube / Instagram / Twitter etc. etc. There are just so many mediums available and each one has its own unique value.  Each allowing us to have a social presence or indeed simply a presence online. Of those listed above Facebook is probably one of the largest and most flexible in the features it contains.

For example this text that you are reading – this is available for as wide an audience as possible to view and read. You are reading it after all! Chances are if I just put this article on Facebook you would not see it, unless you have a Facebook account. Likewise you may not see it on this website unless you knew of this website or found it on a search engine.

Which is it?

Consider just the option of using only Facebook: If I type another article later today, another tomorrow, another two the following day, before long this article will be so far down Gréasán Technologies profile page, on Facebook, that it may never be seen except by those who visit today or see my post on their timeline, which can potentially be short lived.

On the flip side – just having it on a website may mean that you may never see it unless you know of these blog posts or unless you have trawled through a search engine’s results to find a link to this page.  So if we consider both we can say: Yes Social media is great – there is no denying it, but I believe it is not the ‘end all and be all’ however it does have a very useful purpose. And likewise a Website is great and may allow for great flexibility and information transfer to your audience.  I think we are now at point in our discussion where the debate: Website or Social Media really starts to get answered.

How to Progress

Website Design Correct Symbol
Content for your website is crucial and correct content at that!

In the previous article we looked at creating content and logically organizing it. Describing in words what it is that we want to tell people about ourselves, our business, our charity or whatever it maybe that we wish to promote. I firmly believe that you are already 75% through having a website and an online presence.

Websites – How do they fit in?

Social Media Symbols represented on a tree
Use a good website design and Social Media to compliment, not conflict each other!

A website offers a business, organisation or individual the opportunity for visitors to see every detail of you or your business within 2 or 3 clicks. Social Media does not provide this level of flexibility – you may have to scroll through screens of material to find ‘that’ article. On the plus side Social Media is very much live and active (hourly/daily for many!). A website can be more of a landing ground for material that is more static and informative but more easily accessible, convenient to find and this leads back to the ‘Introduction’ article.

If you can create a streamlined and easy to navigate structure for your website with useful and engaging content then you are 75% towards achieving a notable online presence. Include in that mix live Social Media updates and you are capturing a wide audience.

Now that the question of what and why has been answered – the answer being all! The question next to answer is What is the best approach and method to getting a web space and what choices are out there…