Website design can take on so many different forms and each has its own level of correctness.  A quick Google search quickly reveals just how packed the internet is with resources explaining how to start your own website and website design, however often times the obvious can get overlooked. What I feel are the crucial elements to good website design get over looked or are oftentimes assumed to be in place. Over the coming few articles I will give a step-by-step introduction and explanation as to the process that seems to work best in a design environment and has proven to work well.

Step 1 – Think about your Website Design!

Think about your website design and content
Make a list and flesh it out. You need to put ‘meat on the bone’

Oftentimes we can get overly focused on the ‘woohoo! I have a domain and a website’ and overlook what will actually make up the website’s content. Therefore the best approach to take before ever going near registering a domain name or a website hosting package is to stop and think! Think about what you want on your website: its content. Start with headings. For example if you are a plumber..what do you want to tell people about your business?

  • About Yourself:
    • Who you are
    • Where you are
    • How long you are a plumber?
    • Give as much detail as you can about yourself/your company, so that people get to know you from your website
  • Your Services:
    • Think of all you do:
    • New house builds?
    • Specialize in anything particular?
    • Own a unique piece of equipment that sets you apart from the competition?
    • How flexible are you?
    • Can you do other work that is complimentary to plumbing?
  • Testimonials
    • Have you satisfied customers that could give you positive feedback?
    • Have you any descriptions and/or photos of work that you carried out?
  • Help
    • Is there advice/tips/tricks you could add to your website to help people? – you don’t want to leave yourself without work but there is a certain attractiveness to potential customers when they see that you are willing to help on your website!
    • Frequently Asked Questions. Is there a way of helping people through FAQs?
    • You may also find it helpful to visit Gréasán Technologies page, which details your potential business and its key features

Start Typing what you want on your Website

Typing content will lead to a website design that is informative and logically laid out
Write as much as you can on all the headings you have realised that pertains to your business. This will give your website design a very firm foundation and platform on which to build

The list can go on and on but note how the structure of your website is already starting to take form – each could potentially be a heading for people to access from your site. The key here is once you have headings – you are going to need content – PLENTY of content! So start typing! Essentially ‘fill in the blanks’ or ‘put meat on the bone’. Sell yourself and your company in the best possible light by fleshing out as much as possible all your headings. Any question you have ever been asked should be somewhere on your website! Also you will need photos – perhaps you have photos of your work/your premises/your fleet – whatever relates to you and your business – start gathering! People prefer to see ‘real’ photos than the perfect photos that can be downloaded from the photo stock websites, although sometimes they maybe unavoidable! Include anything that may promote and enhance your website and the impression that people gain from visiting your site.

Once you have the above complete you are about 60% towards having a website you will be proud of. A site that will show people just how good you are at what you do and will encourage them to pick up the phone or fill in that “Contact Us” form.

I Can’t Do This!

If you feel all of this is a little overwhelming then please do not worry – At Gréasán Technologies we understand that time pressures, skills and interest maybe limited in this particular area and so that is why we are here to help and create a website design that meets your needs and equally as important your budget.

In the next article we will look at how to consider getting setup online so that you will be in a position to bring your thinking and writing to cyber life!